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Work Related Stress ... what can we do?

Posted on November 28, 2018 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (13598)

Work Related Stress…

The health and safety executive’s (HSE) formal definition of work-related stress is:

"The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them at work."

According to them half a million people in the United Kingdom feel that stress due to occupational pressures has a detrimental effect on their health. Up to five million people have stated that they feel extremely stressed by their work.

The world health authority (WHO) states the areas of work that cause stress can be broken into two sections; work content and context. The conditions that fall under content can be that, the job is monotonous and under stimulating, there may be too much or too little to do in the time allocated. Strict or inflexible working hours, which can be long and unsociable or just badly designed shifts. A lack of participation in decision-making, lack of control in the speed expected, the amount of hours or the processes and methods used to carry out the job.

The factors that fall under context are; career development, the role in the organisation, interpersonal relationships, the organizational culture and the person’s work life balance.

I am sure that most of you reading this can relate to at least one of the issues listed above. Stress is not exclusive and can affect anyone, no matter their position. It also affects all sectors in industry. Work related stress happens when a person is unable to cope with the demands being put on them or in some cases not being put on them.

When reading the reports and the way some of the definitions are worded I can understand why people don’t speak up about how the are feeling.  When under normal circumstances the individual has coped exceptionally well in the past and has a high level of skill and knowledge in that particular field.

Another definition: “Coping – means balancing the demands of the job (the job requirements) with your skills and knowledge (your capabilities)” … Is this a hard pill to swallow?

Work related stress does not happen over night. Research shows that when pressure at work is increased people thrive on it and therefore so does work efficiency and performance … until it reaches tipping point. If the work pressure goes on for a longer period of time or goes over tipping point then that is when burnout or stress occurs and work performance suffers. When the pressure continues it has an effect on people’s ability to function and they can become ill.

I know that work related stress is a tricky subject a bit like ‘yuppie flu’ was in the eighties. With work related stress, no one case is the same – everybody deals with situations differently and that is the key. Some people have the ability to leave their work at work, others are akin to the way Daniel Day Louis approaches a new character and immerse themselves in the job forsaking all else. Some would say that is what gives them their passion and thirst for knowledge. A strong work ethic it was called in the past. In this era of Multi media and superfast optic fibre Wi-Fi. Is it now time for the ethics of the past to be reconsidered to stay at the top of the pile?... Yes, work hard. Yes, feed your passion. But  it is important that you realise you are not a computer, you are not designed to work 24 hours a day seven days a week. Your physical, mental and spiritual selves need to DEFRAG … post Dos - visit the genius bar. An old friend and colleague used to say “fresh eyes, put it away and look at it again in the morning”. It is important to check yourself and realise when it is defrag time. We work better and harder with a good work/life balance. It is also important to communicate this to whoever, your colleague, manager, and HR. department, usually in that order, whoever is unwittingly piling on the pressure.

The secret is to have the confidence in your ability to do the job under normal circumstances even with a bit of extra pressure.

Your employers/managers need you as much as you need them, they maybe just have maybe forgotten that it is much easier to keep the person with passion, knowledge and a thorough understanding of what needs doing and doing well and dare I say it with a good bit of loyalty thrown in.

Yes the new whizz is always a breath of fresh air but they are probably feeling they have a lot to live up to and they have to make sure they are seen to be up to the job.

Are we too busy watching our backs? To work as a team and get the task completed? Looking at the other side of the coin the people above, are also under a great deal of pressure they are just disseminating it down.

In large work spaces when there is something of importance in the offing sit back and observe for a minute or two, you can see the energy changing, fear and panic is infectious like the flu. Even the people who are not involved in the task start to become affected.

Is it ego that encourages the martyr within us to become overloaded?

Having the courage to say “ I am working to capacity right now please give it to someone who can prioritise it.”

The manager is not thinking about your workload in most cases they are prioritising ability. Have the confidence to communicate assertively at work. Be heard in a positive manner even if it is not what they want to hear. Teamwork and brain storming where egos are left at the door is important for interpersonal relationships, support and a healthy organisational culture.

Before your stress levels reach implosion point, take stock … look at all areas of your life. Where are you too thinly spread? What action needs to be taken to get back on track and take a breath?

When talking to friends and listening to there everyday challenges whether it is covering their monthly outgoings, coping on their own, balancing a demanding career with family commitments, especially at this time of year the phrase is often banded about; “ it’s just for now until the pressure eases” … but does it ever? Make a chart and mark your progress, don’t use it to add pressure, use it to release the pressure. What good things need to happen? What changes are you willing to make?

Be Cool Be Calm Be in Control, most of all come from a positive place.

November - Finding your Mojo

Posted on November 20, 2018 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (32601)

Welcome to my November Blog. I keep promising a regular blog but I'm afraid life and stifled creativity takes over. Today one of my oldest friends rescheduled our lunch date so I had a few unaccounted for hours to spare... the Beast from the East is having a wee coughing fit up her in Glasgow, so the garden chores can wait a while... We have been lucky with the weather so far and my days off have whiled away with lovely walks with my new puppy Leotie... she is cooried up by the fire with her moon bone today.

When I started writing this blog a couple of hours ago it has grown arms and legs ...I'm afraid maybe a little to much creativity so here is my November blog with a slightly different slant this month:

November in our industry has a tendency to be quiet ... it is a time to empty stock cupboards look at menus and websites and dream wonderful tempting sensations for our clients Christmas expectations.
I call it the twilight month.  The clocks have gone back, the days are shorter and eventually colder. It is the transition from the light frivolous months of summer to the hibernating and conserving months ahead... Christmas and the winter fuel hikes are looming, I changed to outfox the market this year with promises of massive savings... 

- I don't Know about you - no matter how prepared I am and how much I fight it, I get that financial panic twinge in November.  It doesn't help this year that the financial and political energies are in turmoil.. they do like to spread the LOVE...  the planets have been in retrograde ... need I say more.  To overcome this feeling of fear and negativity I have to get busy.. mentally, physically, and spiritually - no more resting on my laurels - put my nervous  energy to positive use... 

I find November is a good time for reflection ... TRUE REFLECTION  like a prequel to the New Year...
where am I ?
How far have I come? (past and present).
Where would I like to be? (future dreams?)
What needs to be focussed on to get there? (Proactive planning!) 

This formula I find can be used for any life situation: Financial, Family, Social. Material, Love & Relationships, Faith and so on.

So my questions for this November... are a true introspection of what I as a therapist will bring to my clients

What are my Gifts/ Talents?
Do I have a specialism?
How do I use these to help ?

Out of interest ...How do you let people know what you are about? I must let you know at this stage, this was a real challenge for me.

This is my process and where I go off piste a bit... I use a range of tools to guide and motivate me along my path or journey ... this thing we call life... 

The first are my doing tools which reduce the chances of getting caught up in the mole hills;

The first is mindfulness - focus on what you are doing at any given time - be in the moment - for example my clients expect naturally my full 100% attention and that is what strive I give. Everything you do, you are working towards this. it stops the sabotage, it stops the mind babble.

The second is objectiveness:

Remember the chances are, we will never know the full story of any situation so try very very hard not to judge... a day in someones else's shoes with different points of view.

These two actions really help in avoiding negative thought patterns... we are all human, not gods we just have to check ourselves when the negative gripes start to take hold.

One of the easiest ways to start the process of change or stop the process of negativity is to wear a gratuity bracelet or a ring or something you can change from one side of the body to the other without much effort. it can be an elastic band or a silver cuff ... whatever you like.  Every time you notice a judgement a distraction a negative thought or word ..refocus change it to a positive thought or action and move the bracelet to the opposite arm.  Continue with this for 21 days and it becomes second nature.

I use meditation for decision making ...I know Carnegie has been quoted in saying if the answer is not yes in the first 10 seconds of the question being asked.. the answer is no.. However, I find life is not always that cut and dried, sometimes you have to find the answer in the ether - sleep on it, don't be rushed, fresh eyes and all that.

Find yourself your favourite place in your home; a room, an armchair, a back step, a garden shed, just a place that fits you.  If you like play some music preferably something that relaxes you, make yourself comfortable; wear a cosy sweater or have a blanket to hand.  Ask the question... close your eyes focus on your breath, the music, and let yourself relax I usually find the answer will pop into my head when I leave the question alone.

When I am stuck, really stuck and feel I have exhausted every avenue I use another soul searching tool, my cards,  for this you have to be objective - Ask the question, I find three cards work well.  If like me you have a fascination for oracle or tarot cards... I love the art work and they help me to un jumble my thought processes and get to the honest answer within me.

Both these tools help you to strengthen and trust your intuition - you always have the answer... you just have to trust yourself to listen...
If by the end of all that you still need a sounding board I ask the people I really trust to be honest and objective enough to give me a reality check ...I can count them on half of one hand.

A long way for a short cut  I hear you say -
It becomes on the most part automic

This November I have used all my tools.  A combination of all with a good dose of reality to finish helps me focus on where I am going.

When asking what I bring to the table, what do people appreciate about me?
I am open, friendly and kind mannered. I have over 20 years of experience building my skills in Beauty and Complementary therapies. I scrape beneath the surface; if someone comes to me with a skin complaint I will look at all aspects of the person; diet, exercise, stress levels, health, to find the root and use different combinations for each individual... all my treatments are bespoke.
That is My Talent... My Gift... My Specialism.

What is Yours?
We have many gifts but what makes you extra special?
What makes you you?
Find this and that is your Jewel for success in life
Believe It ! 

Spring time is here?

Posted on March 17, 2018 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (20968)

This is meant to be spring time. There is a quote that goes along the lines of "the plants know it is spring even if man does not"  I think this is very apt for this year. Next week is spring equinox and it is snowing outside. I thought I was particulary organised with my seasonal offers. and nature does it again. Last month I ran with peeling back the layers of winter only to find that winter still had it's hooks into March. So a slight change of plan...
this month Im going to discuss the benefits of some electrotherapy treatments. The first one being one of my favourites due to the fact it does what it says on the tin in super fast time and you can apply makeup staight after:

The Caci skin regenerating treatment is an ultrasonic skin  peeling treatment.  The ultrasonic peeling handpiece rapidly vibrates on the skin (27,000 times per second) to gently exfoliate and revitalise. The vibrations draw skin impurities to the surface and dislodge dead skin cells revealing a healthy, glowing complexion. This is a more gentle alternative to orbital and crystal microdermabrasion able to treat all skintypes  This facial treatment has three stages ; microdermabrasion, thermo pherisis and lymphatic dramaige. Thermopherisis helps to penetrate active ingredients into the deeper layer of skin giving deep hydration and firming lymphatic drainage massage improves the tone clour and texture of the skin the overall effect of the ultrasonic vibrations stimulate regeneration at a cellular level. the treatment only takes 30 minutes and unlike othe electrotherapy facials you are able to apply makeup staight after the treatment. The treatment can be safely carried out up to 3 times a week for oily and acne skin.  Once a week for sensitive skins. the treatments are recommended as a course of treatments for 4 -6 weeks dependent on individual concerns then as a maintentance treatment of 1 - 2 a month. I have observed the best results for seborrheic and conjested skins over other electrotherapy treatments also ecxcellent reults for sundamage and smokers skin essecially around the eye and mouth areas.
Diamond Peeling

This facial exfoliates the superficial layers of the epidermis which encourages improvement in the colagen and elastin within the skin by removing the upper layers of the dead skin cells. Healthy growth of new cells takes place giving a smoother skin texture. This facial will reduce fine lines and acne scarring, improve sundamage and age spots giving a smoother more youthful radient complexion. unlike other peeling systems diamond peel can treat areas closer to the eyes and mouth more accurately. This facial is a more invigourating peel than the regenerator, skin is deeply exfoliated using the stimulating diamond heads this is followed by a vacum lifting sequence the final stage is a relaxing and soothing mask. It is important after microdermabrasion treatments that you use a high sun factor  skin protector as skin will be more sensitive to sun damage due to the removeral of the upper layer of dead skin after th. it is recommender that no full cover makeup is worn directly after treatment for approximately 6-8 hours although Healing mineral powder are recommended examples would be Bare Minerals SPF30 and Eminence SPF 30 minerals

Microcurrent Lifting Facial Treatment

Microcurrent lifting treatment stregnthens muscles improving facial contours, firms the skin improving wrinkle depth and pore size. the circulation is stimulated producing a healthy and youthful glow. This treatment is made up of 5 phases: 3 lifting phases followed by lymphatic drainage and moisture infusion helping to remove impurities and fluid retention. The moisture infusion will improve the moisture balance within all the layer of the skin leaving a feeling of firmness and plumpness. This facial will benefit all skin types from the first stages of ageing (25+). for ultimate results a maximum of three treatments a week are recommended and anything from 3 to 12 treatments for an initial course depending on stage and concerns. thereafter a maintentance of treatment of 1 treatment fortnightly or monthly dependant on on individual stage. This dtreatment is also hightly effective as a body treatment to lift and tighten the buttocks, bust and abdominal areas

Photo Rejuvenation

LED light therapy is an effective skin rejuvenation treatment for all skin concerns including acne, Psoriasis, rosascia aging and sun damage.  Based on research and development carried out by NASA the skin absorbs the light rays and use them as a source of energy to stimulate a healing response energizing the cells to produce cologen, improve elasticity and increase blood circulation and micro nutritional flow while releasing toxins.  This treatment is clinically proven to be safe for all skin types and effective in a wide range of skin conditions it is gentle heat free and does not contain harmful ultraviolet wavelengths. Photo rejuvenation combined with microcurrent gives first class results in the improvement of the effects of aging.
There are lots of electrotherapy skin treatments on the market. The above are four that have stood the test of time, still producing excellent results and very competitive with the new treatments on the block. I feel it is important to also look at the price of the equipment ensuring that it provides a realistic treatment without being too expensive to carry out. The electrotherapy equipment we use in the beauty industry has initially been developed for medical use for instance microcurrent was developed to help with Bell's Palsy. To continue with the profitability and "pay" for the development the equipment is adapted for use in the  beauty /cosmetic industry. Breakthrough equipemnt comes onto the market at greatly inflated prices until the copy right or patent is spent and the machines become available on the competitive market.
I hope this article has been interesting and a little bit informative. watch this space for before and after photos of some of my clients who agree to promoting the cause .... Forever young:D

take care and stay warm and motivated 



Posted on September 20, 2017 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (13032)

My day trip to london started at 4.30am on Monday morning - Ive not had to do the red eye for a while.....

this one I was looking forward to: a wee day's Jolly to Englandshire and its beautiful Capital, I do love London.  I also get to catch up with my very talented and inspiring daughter Laura; She is in the middle of puting together a new website for her sports rehabilitation and therapy business... watch this space.

This time London was not about street markets, people watching and long lazy lunches :( This is work.....Oh I do love what I do ...:):)  

 Eminence skin care had their Annual regional training - London??.... So I could see my beautiful daughter of course :) although I must admit Glasow or Edinburgh would be a bit easier for future venues ....Tracey, Debbie,  if your reading this :D

I must admit the Brittish Airways Shuttle was a dream... busy but on time, the cabin and ground crew where charming and helpful . I know a lot of people complain about having to pay for the onboard refreshments but I must admit the Java was suprisingly pleasant . I also discovered the ease of official prebooked airport parking in carpark 2 at Glasgow International Airport. So much less stress than taxi's and drop offs I would really recommend for short trips ... Although I did miss my wee G&T on the way home.

I negociated the tube from heathrow like a pro.. ok its easy if your ging to Kings Cross,  another positive when getting on at heathrow, you usually get a seat all the way and the joy of contactless. I made my meeting with minutes to spare...for me that is a miracle in itself . On a confusing note there are 2 Premier Inns right next to each other, one St Pancreas and one Euston for someone not used to London and on foot you may think you have gone the wrong way... I think maybe one is slighly posher ..... the Euston one has a Costa although I used Pret au Mange as they are a B corporation; more about that later.

Tracey Smith from The SkinSmith is the UK distributer for Eminence Organic Skin Care. She is always so friendly and pleased to see you. I must admit no matter whether you have an order to place or a query she is always the same; patient, knowladgeable and friendly the kind of support you want from your skin care company no matter how much you spend. they are a very community orientated company.  I would like to Rant at this stage... all their amazing lines and products are certified 100% organic.  A lot of companies claim the organic badge but only have about 3 % of there overall lines are organic, a few products dotted about. So that tells me depending on your skins concerns, to have the correct treatment you are not garanteed 100% plant based and 100% organic. free from all preservatives and sinsthetic chemicals. Eminence prodocts also do not contain water, so you are getting 100% ingredient.:o8) Earlier I mentioned B corporation...  Eminence is a B corporation, what is that?  for us tree huggers it is very important, so not only are they sustainable they give back to the earth and the comunity; For every product they sell retail and proffessional they plant a tree, so far they have planted 8 Billion Trees  :) also they provide free meals for children who are below the poverty line and living in areas of deprivation whether it be economic, war torn or enviromental accross the world.

if your're conscious about how your skin care is developed (100%) crueltly free and the company's global morality. This skin care range is for you...the only down side is once you start using eminence you won"t want to consider another range ... I DARE YOU TO TRY ;)

the four main staples within Eminence's vast ranges are the Vita Skin Solutions which cover the main skin concerns we have; clear skin for oily, acne, break outs and problematic skins, calm skin for sensitivity, skins prone to allergies, redness and other sensetive conditions. Bright skin for pigmentation problems such as post acne scarring, sun damage, generally dull uneven skin tones. and lastly but definately not least firm skin for loss of skin firmness fine lines and wrinkles. Now this is only the basics, the joy about all the products is that thay can be mixed up to suit every single person , which means  you don't have to stick to the one range you can work on all your skin's concerns... this is where my job comes in; I am able to advise you on the best possible combinations to suit all your skin's needs with no clashing. They are all designed to work together and that is where our unique facial protocls come in, if you use your facial therapist to their strengths and ask them to do what they believe to be right  your on to an amazing experience ... eat your heart out Hestin or Gordon :P

In August Eminence launched the microgreens Collection, designed to help counter the effects of polutiion and oxidative damage to the skin.  the range has three amazing retail products which are also used in the facial protocols ...we use what we recommend you to use at home, the same stregnth.

 At last the stone crop cleansing oil; I started using oil to cleanse my skin when for some reason my skin became hypersensitive and really sore. I could use only jojoba oil and mango butter to protect, that was a few years ago and before I discovered Eminence. Back to the stone crop cleansing oil it is a non greasy oil that has the microgreens complex, it is designed to remove make up and cleanse the skin while retoring the moisture levels... it removes my Lancome hypnos drama waterproof mascara easily, no faffing with oily eye make up remover that leaves your eyes feeling coated, I use a hot /warm cloth to remove and my skin is totally product free... woohoo.  

My Fave Fave Fave  so far is the stone crop oxygenating fizzoliant, this is a powder to foam exfoliant  that fizzes and delivers oxygen to the upper layers of skin to stimulate the skins natural healing, this can be used on a daily basis its amazing at cleaning the pores and removing surface black heads .. those wee black dots you notice around your nose and sometimes your chin and forhead, the deep ones are my job!!

 Not to be left out, the third product in this collection is the lotus detoxifying overnight treatment. This is a gel cream which will, when worn overnight  stimulate the skins repair and regeneration mechanisms and help to prevent waterloss... y'know that dull dry fine line look we sometimes have first thing when we look in the mirror.  This gel cream can also be used during the day for added protection against enviromental stressors.  If you look at my price menu under facial therapy the Repair and Protect advanced facial is based on the Detox, Renew, Infuse principles and you can experience the amazing results for yourself.

We covered so much training in one day I don't want to bombard you with it all ...  not at one sitting... but there is one amazing or should I say two amazing products that are being launched this week I was very lucky to be one of the few at the pre launch and now I am sharing it with you.

The Marine Flower Collection. Now these products contain 2 super active ingredients the first Smart Collagen+  Complex, I know what your think her!! nothing from animals??? Exactly, this is a smart collagen complex that is a crueltly free altentative to animal or fish derived collagen.  It combines advanced plant and algae actives to boost the production of high quality collagen. This results in the skin being significantly smoother plumper and more youthful looking. Active number two is derived from rice protien, very small molecular size that is absorbed deep into the layers of skin so speed up the renewal process giving improvement to the tone (firmness) and texture (smoothness). 


 Why use the serum? if you are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration ( dull flakey tight) uneven skin texture, skin lacking in vitality, this will be your rescue.  Can I just mention that when used in the correct dosage even a wee bit more, in my experience the 30ml pipette bottle lasts for five months 

Why use the eye cream? if you are concerned about crows feet, crepe eyelids, puffiness and dark circles; this will be your rescue.

I must say for a six hour training session we covered so so much. these are just two topics, I am absolutely buzzing  ( those of you who know me will understand that comment) with all the new and refreshed of the staples and how  they all combine.  

I am hoping to have the Marine Flower Collection in stock at the very latest in 2weeks so watch this space and my facebook page for their arrival.

Back to London and my brain was so defragging after the training  I got on the Hammersmith and City line instead of the Piccadilly line an easy mistake for an out of towner but it did add 30 minutes onto my journey ... Oops.  It all worked out ok, just the wrong Hammersmith underground station... Don't think I'll live that one down for a wee while with my daughter.

We did have time some time and a lovely homemade seafood curry before headig back to Heathrow for the last shuttle home, more Java and a seamless pickup of the "Bumble Bee" my wee car, and home for cuddles from my lovely wee dog washed down with a fresh brewed cup of Assam...That's Elysium....sorry couldn't resist  :roll:  I did think about the G&T but the notion passed.

All in All a very successful day... I do love my wee trips to London they are always pleasurable and more often than not Eventful ;)

I am Naming October My Skincare Month because at this time of year we will start to if not allready notice the seasonal changes in our skin. I am also doing a big peice on the  benefits of advanced electrolysis.  There will be hints and tips the right and wrongs, excellent promotions, Maybe even the chance of an exceptional prize or gift. 

Remember to check the news and events page as well as my facebook page : Elysium Therapies

I hope you have enjoyed my rather long blogg for my long day and short trip to London.

Take care, be happy and remember to enjoy the moments

Emma x


Posted on September 1, 2017 at 3:15 AM Comments comments (13018)


I would like to mention in my blog  that I also work out at Tir Nan Og which is a beautiful Holistic Centre out betwwen Drymen and Balfron. it is a beautiful part of scotland  on the gateway to Lochlomond and the Trossachs heading towards stirling, about 1/2 an hour's drive from Glasow. there is a lovley Cafe with amazing food and CAKE  which caters for all dietery requirments. a lovely gift shope where you book in for your treatments with all kinds of original gifts CDs Incense  Ther is also fairyland aromatics for your aromatherapy oils and products. Sound therapy products including chimes and drumming  Beautiful woodland walks which most can enjoy.

Elysium Therapy's official day at Tir Nan Og is a Thursday. I also  work out there on a freelance basis when I am sked to cover ... Most Sundays because I love it so much...I know it is my free time. I am delighted to being giving a few hours cover today :) I will try and stay away from the Cake.. and my all time favourite soup Beetroot chilli and coconut have to give it a try its amazing.

MY special offers including this month's TAPAS TREATS are available on my official Elysium Therapy Days which just now is a THURSDAY if it prooves to be a popular venture I hope to increase my days :D.

I do not offer my Personal Grooming treatments out here. Claire Crawford is the Resident Beauty Therapist out here and very good she is too.

I am delighted to be giving a few hours cover today.  I will be back in Glasow for my evening clients.

To Book Me out at TIR NAN OG you can call me on: 07979958555  or send a text... PM me on Facebook either through ElysiumTherapies or Emma Jane Wilson. You can phone TIR NAN OG directly on 01360449300 ..REMEMBER if phoning TIRNANOG  you must ask for me: EMMA 



Posted on August 30, 2017 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (11486)

Welcome to my new blog

As some of you are aware of my story so far... I am not going to bore you with the intricate details at the moment, surfice to say I am back where I started many years ago and delighted to be here...

A potted history for those of you that haven't met me yet... 

When I completed my studies in what was then an HND in Beauty Therapy; as an industry, it has now spread its wings and specialised into many  areas, one being Complementary and Wellbeing Therapies, our industry has surely grown. I started my business working as a free lance /self employed therapist renting space in other businesses such as hairdressers and  health and beauty clinics. I also worked as a mobile therapist and from home. It was hard work and long hours But really enjoyed it. To me it wasn't a job it was an amazing hobby that people paid me for. Eventually with enough of a client base It was time for me to spread my wings and open my own salon which I did with a good friend and fellow Beauty Therapist who also needed to find new premises. We worked hard together for ten years. There was only one real thing that was problematic; finding good therapists to work for us and keeping them. A problem that most salons had. I would like to say, we did have really good therapists working for us but finding them was like looking for a needle in a haystack and keeping them long term was also a challenge. I was becoming restless, I had, as I saw it, accomplished the goalsI had set when newly qualified. The next step would have been expansion, neither of us were really interested in changing the status quo.. upsetting the apple cart, but nothing ever stays the same. Another friend within the industry suggested I should consider teaching infact it came up in conversation often on different occasions. A vancancy for an evening lecturer came up almost by magic; the girl who's job it was was emmigrating and her dates were moved forward. I was in the right place at the right time. I was interviewed in the afternoon and was covering the class on a trial basis that night. it is now 12 years later and I am back, back to build my business anew. I feel excited and very very happy to be doing what I love hopefully better with more understanding of the bigger picture...

 I started Elysium Therapies in 2012 as a sideline  or a hobby to keep my practice up and immerse myself in my love of  therapies.Y'know how some men put a sign up saying "gone fishing", well mine say "Doing Therapies". I spent a great deal of time researching products. thinking about what treatments to offer, puting together my website, information sheets and menus. It also gave me an excuse to keep learning new treatments and therapies.  I built a beautiful treatment room in my secluded garden where my rickety old garage used to stand. Offering the best possible treatments to friends and friends of friends. I have put many enjoyable years of thought and energy into this new business. I hope you will love it as much as I do and will enjoy visiting my haven of tranquility surrounded by softly fragrent flowers and bird song. Where you can relax your mind, rejuvenate your body, and nuture your soul. You can also have your legs, chest or back waxed with organic plant based wax, your eyebrows shaped and coloured with the utmost precision, your  fingers and toes  filed and polished with gel or laquer to perfection and your electrolysis carried out as painlessly, under computerised precision, as possible.

I hope this intro has given you an idea of the experience and passion I have for what I do also if not to be too bold as to say skill and knowledge.

I will be updating this blog on a regular basis with new and upcoming treatments and views.  Hopefully giving you an insight into what can be a confusing and contradictory industry. I will discuss current tends  with lots of hints and tips on skin care, home remedies for aromatherapy, and other areas to promote health and wellness.  Please comment, ask questions and if you feel the need... challenge my views...  I do try to be objective...unless something topical in the media really bugs my annoyance. 

Before I sign off.. please like my facebook page and check out the most up to date promotions 

Hope you have an amazing week

Emma x


summer Bog

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As you know I dicussed Pedicures in my last blog. I can't say how much having holiday feet cheers you up and if there is a chance to wear sandals or thongs you don't have to think twice. Brightly painted toes are my thing... My toes are barby pink at the moment but next week I an going to paint them magenta can't be to samey afterall.

The Body Beautiful

The next on the list of importance is having your skin ..body and face looking fabulous. I think no matter what your size or shape if your skin is glowing that's what is noticed 

How to achieve this ;


  • Make sure you exfoliate at least once a week using a good quality body exfoliater that isn't too harsh ...which will make you bolchy.


I like the sugar scrubs as they don't scratch your skin if you are a bit sensitive and desolve when you step in the shower bits left


  • Body brush with a natural bristle brush or mit : this will stimulate the circulation improve the apearance of cellulite over time. this will also improve the colour of yout gives a fantastic wake up feeling every morning. Always brush towards the heart follow one stoke of the brush with a light stroke with your other hand.

  • Always moisturise after your shower or bath.  This will improve the texture and feel of your skin. For the summer time I like the body moisturisers with a shimmer through them.... they really make your skin glow.

  • Waxing; Girls I can't say this enough keep on top of your waxing  for smooth legs, then if you want to wear that little summer shift no need to search for the razor.

  • Fake tan. For those of you with a paler complexion a little summer glow works wonders.  Not the tangoed look. Go for something light to give you that sun kissed look. Before you apply follow the steps above never apply fake tan directly after hair removal as your hair follicles will be enlarged and the tan will soak in there giving you a spotty look...not good. Always wait 24 hrs. Always miosture the dryer areas ..heels, elbows, knees as the tan will penetrate deeper on these area making your tan look patchy so the rules for fake tan application are:

  • Not derectly after waxing or shaving
  • Exfoliate prior to application to ensure even coverage
  • Moisturise any dry areas otherwise apply to clean skin
  • Choose a depth of colour that will enhance your natural skin tone.
  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions ...every tan product is different.
  • Don't be scared.... if your are, have your tan applied professionally..




I hope you have enjoyed my short and sweet bog for July. please don't forget to check out the rest of my website and my face book page for updates and special offers

Take care and have is summer after all    8)8)8) 

Emma J

Emma's February Blog

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Hi and Welcome to my first ever Blog

My Name is Emma. I juggle a small complementary therapy Business  with lecturing full time in Beauty and Complementary therapies.

I have worked in the "beauty industry" for a  long time.....  I would say all of my adult life , but when do you become an adult?. Now I'm heading towards my half century.

IThis is my february blog. I would like to address some of the challenges we have in February.  Everyone is looking forward to Spring.... the winter at this time of year seems to have lasted forever. It will soon be time to peel back the layers and reveal ourselves anew like a beautiful butterfly emerging from its cocoon!!

There are a few things we can do to help this process;

A good skincare regime,  not just for our face but for our bodies as well. One of the main mistakes people make is using the wrong products for their skin type.  They have a few spots so they buy the stongest 'off the shelf' products they can find which will strip the skin of all the good as well as the bad. The skin naturally counteracts this by producing more oil and in turn more spots. It is important to get to the root of the problem... book yourself in for a mini facial or even better a spa or prescription facial which will remove the congestion and help to rebalance the skin. A good skin care spelialist will give you a skin type diagnosis and advise you not only on what would be best for your skin but how to use everything properly. It is important to start with baby steps. When I speak to most people they have expensive products in their cupboard or drawer which they don't use because the instructions are complicated. Or one reason I hear everyday; they were expensive so they want to keep them for special occasions or they don't want to waste them...heaven forbid... My follow up question to this statement is always ...Why did you buy them?.....Buy what you are going to use... start off simply with a cleanser a tonique and a good day cream and USE them ...EVERY DAY. 

For your body its important to use body washes that are PH balanced to your skin. Exfoliate at least once a week and moisturise every day. Continue with this regime and you will see the results straight away .....massaging in moisturiser will  improve the superficial circulation, this will improve the skins colour and texture also the breakdown of the lumpy bits..... a word to the wise ....Never exfoliate with out moisturising or your skin will look like a dried out river bed.

To Wax Or Not To Wax?

I have heard many arguements for and against waxing so lets dispell some of the myths........

COST ; if you manage your waxing properly you should only have to wax every 4 to 6 weeks......the waxing process causes all the hairs to grow at the same time. the waxing products on the market have progressed and are capable of removing very short hairs. It is must better than shaving every day which dries out the skin, cuts the hairs so they grow in stubbly.

I DON'T LIKE GOING HAIRY ; when you wax a new hair grows which has a finer diameter and a tapered end. By the time you notice your legs are hairy they should be long enough to wax.

IT IS PAINFUL; I have to answer yes to this.... to begin with. The first time you are waxed it is uncomfortable, if you have an experienced Therapist they will be efficient thus making it less so. Never book you waxing for around the time of your period. Due to the hormone fluctuations the nerve endings in your skin are more sensitive to pain. Everyone has different pain thresholds and will find different areas more or less sore. I have a friend who finds her legs painful but her bikini and underarms she is hardly aware of. Again if you manage your waxing 4 -6 weeks the hairs should be fine and soft making it less paiful.

I ALWAYS GET INGROWN HAIRS; There are a few reasons for this... one  reason is inefficient waxing where the hairs break in the follicle, make sure your book with someone who has been recommended. Another common reason is dead skin blocking the follicle...exfoliating and moisturising regularly will stop this. There are serums, lotions and moisturisers  on the market which will also help to prevent this.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog until next time look take care, have fun.

Feel free to comment and ask your beauty questions....I will try to put the myths to rest.