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Elysium Therapies

A Journey of Relaxation & Rejuvenation...........



Posted on September 20, 2017 at 4:50 AM

My day trip to london started at 4.30am on Monday morning - Ive not had to do the red eye for a while.....

this one I was looking forward to: a wee day's Jolly to Englandshire and its beautiful Capital, I do love London.  I also get to catch up with my very talented and inspiring daughter Laura; She is in the middle of puting together a new website for her sports rehabilitation and therapy business... watch this space.

This time London was not about street markets, people watching and long lazy lunches :( This is work.....Oh I do love what I do ...:):)  

 Eminence skin care had their Annual regional training - London??.... So I could see my beautiful daughter of course :) although I must admit Glasow or Edinburgh would be a bit easier for future venues ....Tracey, Debbie,  if your reading this :D

I must admit the Brittish Airways Shuttle was a dream... busy but on time, the cabin and ground crew where charming and helpful . I know a lot of people complain about having to pay for the onboard refreshments but I must admit the Java was suprisingly pleasant . I also discovered the ease of official prebooked airport parking in carpark 2 at Glasgow International Airport. So much less stress than taxi's and drop offs I would really recommend for short trips ... Although I did miss my wee G&T on the way home.

I negociated the tube from heathrow like a pro.. ok its easy if your ging to Kings Cross,  another positive when getting on at heathrow, you usually get a seat all the way and the joy of contactless. I made my meeting with minutes to spare...for me that is a miracle in itself . On a confusing note there are 2 Premier Inns right next to each other, one St Pancreas and one Euston for someone not used to London and on foot you may think you have gone the wrong way... I think maybe one is slighly posher ..... the Euston one has a Costa although I used Pret au Mange as they are a B corporation; more about that later.

Tracey Smith from The SkinSmith is the UK distributer for Eminence Organic Skin Care. She is always so friendly and pleased to see you. I must admit no matter whether you have an order to place or a query she is always the same; patient, knowladgeable and friendly the kind of support you want from your skin care company no matter how much you spend. they are a very community orientated company.  I would like to Rant at this stage... all their amazing lines and products are certified 100% organic.  A lot of companies claim the organic badge but only have about 3 % of there overall lines are organic, a few products dotted about. So that tells me depending on your skins concerns, to have the correct treatment you are not garanteed 100% plant based and 100% organic. free from all preservatives and sinsthetic chemicals. Eminence prodocts also do not contain water, so you are getting 100% ingredient.:o8) Earlier I mentioned B corporation...  Eminence is a B corporation, what is that?  for us tree huggers it is very important, so not only are they sustainable they give back to the earth and the comunity; For every product they sell retail and proffessional they plant a tree, so far they have planted 8 Billion Trees  :) also they provide free meals for children who are below the poverty line and living in areas of deprivation whether it be economic, war torn or enviromental accross the world.

if your're conscious about how your skin care is developed (100%) crueltly free and the company's global morality. This skin care range is for you...the only down side is once you start using eminence you won"t want to consider another range ... I DARE YOU TO TRY ;)

the four main staples within Eminence's vast ranges are the Vita Skin Solutions which cover the main skin concerns we have; clear skin for oily, acne, break outs and problematic skins, calm skin for sensitivity, skins prone to allergies, redness and other sensetive conditions. Bright skin for pigmentation problems such as post acne scarring, sun damage, generally dull uneven skin tones. and lastly but definately not least firm skin for loss of skin firmness fine lines and wrinkles. Now this is only the basics, the joy about all the products is that thay can be mixed up to suit every single person , which means  you don't have to stick to the one range you can work on all your skin's concerns... this is where my job comes in; I am able to advise you on the best possible combinations to suit all your skin's needs with no clashing. They are all designed to work together and that is where our unique facial protocls come in, if you use your facial therapist to their strengths and ask them to do what they believe to be right  your on to an amazing experience ... eat your heart out Hestin or Gordon :P

In August Eminence launched the microgreens Collection, designed to help counter the effects of polutiion and oxidative damage to the skin.  the range has three amazing retail products which are also used in the facial protocols ...we use what we recommend you to use at home, the same stregnth.

 At last the stone crop cleansing oil; I started using oil to cleanse my skin when for some reason my skin became hypersensitive and really sore. I could use only jojoba oil and mango butter to protect, that was a few years ago and before I discovered Eminence. Back to the stone crop cleansing oil it is a non greasy oil that has the microgreens complex, it is designed to remove make up and cleanse the skin while retoring the moisture levels... it removes my Lancome hypnos drama waterproof mascara easily, no faffing with oily eye make up remover that leaves your eyes feeling coated, I use a hot /warm cloth to remove and my skin is totally product free... woohoo.  

My Fave Fave Fave  so far is the stone crop oxygenating fizzoliant, this is a powder to foam exfoliant  that fizzes and delivers oxygen to the upper layers of skin to stimulate the skins natural healing, this can be used on a daily basis its amazing at cleaning the pores and removing surface black heads .. those wee black dots you notice around your nose and sometimes your chin and forhead, the deep ones are my job!!

 Not to be left out, the third product in this collection is the lotus detoxifying overnight treatment. This is a gel cream which will, when worn overnight  stimulate the skins repair and regeneration mechanisms and help to prevent waterloss... y'know that dull dry fine line look we sometimes have first thing when we look in the mirror.  This gel cream can also be used during the day for added protection against enviromental stressors.  If you look at my price menu under facial therapy the Repair and Protect advanced facial is based on the Detox, Renew, Infuse principles and you can experience the amazing results for yourself.

We covered so much training in one day I don't want to bombard you with it all ...  not at one sitting... but there is one amazing or should I say two amazing products that are being launched this week I was very lucky to be one of the few at the pre launch and now I am sharing it with you.

The Marine Flower Collection. Now these products contain 2 super active ingredients the first Smart Collagen+  Complex, I know what your think her!! nothing from animals??? Exactly, this is a smart collagen complex that is a crueltly free altentative to animal or fish derived collagen.  It combines advanced plant and algae actives to boost the production of high quality collagen. This results in the skin being significantly smoother plumper and more youthful looking. Active number two is derived from rice protien, very small molecular size that is absorbed deep into the layers of skin so speed up the renewal process giving improvement to the tone (firmness) and texture (smoothness). 


 Why use the serum? if you are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration ( dull flakey tight) uneven skin texture, skin lacking in vitality, this will be your rescue.  Can I just mention that when used in the correct dosage even a wee bit more, in my experience the 30ml pipette bottle lasts for five months 

Why use the eye cream? if you are concerned about crows feet, crepe eyelids, puffiness and dark circles; this will be your rescue.

I must say for a six hour training session we covered so so much. these are just two topics, I am absolutely buzzing  ( those of you who know me will understand that comment) with all the new and refreshed of the staples and how  they all combine.  

I am hoping to have the Marine Flower Collection in stock at the very latest in 2weeks so watch this space and my facebook page for their arrival.

Back to London and my brain was so defragging after the training  I got on the Hammersmith and City line instead of the Piccadilly line an easy mistake for an out of towner but it did add 30 minutes onto my journey ... Oops.  It all worked out ok, just the wrong Hammersmith underground station... Don't think I'll live that one down for a wee while with my daughter.

We did have time some time and a lovely homemade seafood curry before headig back to Heathrow for the last shuttle home, more Java and a seamless pickup of the "Bumble Bee" my wee car, and home for cuddles from my lovely wee dog washed down with a fresh brewed cup of Assam...That's Elysium....sorry couldn't resist  :roll:  I did think about the G&T but the notion passed.

All in All a very successful day... I do love my wee trips to London they are always pleasurable and more often than not Eventful ;)

I am Naming October My Skincare Month because at this time of year we will start to if not allready notice the seasonal changes in our skin. I am also doing a big peice on the  benefits of advanced electrolysis.  There will be hints and tips the right and wrongs, excellent promotions, Maybe even the chance of an exceptional prize or gift. 

Remember to check the news and events page as well as my facebook page : Elysium Therapies

I hope you have enjoyed my rather long blogg for my long day and short trip to London.

Take care, be happy and remember to enjoy the moments

Emma x

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