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Elysium Therapies

A Journey of Relaxation & Rejuvenation...........


Holistic and Complementary therapies


A combination of specific massage techniques and ​pure essential oils which are blended therapeutically for the clients individual need creating this deeply relaxing and rebalancing treatment. Time durations include consultation and blending (approx 15 mins)

areas worked: back neck shoulders , legs ,  face, decollate & abdomen

60 mins £50

75 mins £60

90 mins £70

2hrs £90


This is a multidimensional treatment combines the use heated volcanic basalt stones with  massage techniques and  stone placement  giving a re energising response to the body.  A deeply relaxing treatment which induce​s a state of serenity and calm giving a complete mind body and spirit experience. . ​Whether you are looking for deep relaxation or the release of muscular tension in hot stone fusion massage. the benefits of this treatment are relaxing, aids 

60 minutes £50, 

90 mins, £70

2hr £90


This powerful massage uses a range of solid and natural ba mboo canes that are gently warmed.  it delivers stress relief.  Improvementin muscular functi​on, lymphatic drainage and reactivates the circulation.  It aids in softening and breaking down adhesions  in the connective tissues.  This is a deep tissue treatment which is deeply stimulating and relaxing.

60 minutes £50.00

90 mins £70




This massage is designed around the clients needs. deep tissue massage helps to realign the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues  the movements are similar to swedish but slower and much deeper with advanced techniques used on areas of tension and pain.

 recommended for muscular aches and tightness, postural problems muscular spasm and post work out. a course of treatment is often recommended depending on the problem area.

60 minutes £45.00

90 mins  £65


Traditional massage which uses rhythm and pressure of specific techniques to determine the effects of the massage. A vegetable carrier oils used to hep nourish and rebalance the skin. this massage is ideal for general relaxation and to reduce muscular tension.

40 minutes (back neck & shoulder) £35

60 minutes £45.00

90 minutes £65


Based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system aiming to restore balance to the mind body and spirit.  This treatment focuses on the upper body with the client in a comfortable sitting position. the upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck and scalp  are massaged, normally we would work the points on the face, this treatment has been adapted to work the marma points on the forehead and ears. The traditional movements used bring about a release of tension promoting deep relaxation. treatment can be carried out without oil on the scalp if preferred.

60 minutes £45


reflexology is a truely holistic treatment. working across specific points on the feet/hands reflexology helps bring the body back into a state of equilibrium, while deeply relaxing the mind and restoring the spirit.  This treatment encourages self healing

60 minutes £45.00



 This detoxifying relaxing, rejuvenating massage treatment will float you to shores of Thailand with the stimuli ation of the senses....... the compresses are made using 21 traditional herbs and spices to detoxify the skin and underlying tissue.. the compresses are heated through steam them applied with deep relaxing massage techniques...... a deep, flowing and relaxing treatment.

75 minutes £62.50,  90 minutes £72.50


a non invasive healing system originating in Japan.  This deeply restorative treatment replenishes and rebalances the body's natural energy and encourages self healing

60 minutes £45.00

Facial Therapy

All Facial, body and spa treatments use eminence organic skincare.  A hungarian company established over 50 years ago, who grow all there ingredients organically the products are hand made 100% organic paraben and preservative free.

30 minute express facial

This facial will help you understand your skin and what regime will improve and maintain a healthy appearance.​It includes a deep cleanse, tone exfoliating mask and moisturise. 


Wildflower Collection Facial

Transform your skin with this 10 step luxury facial. the products within this facial use a blend of nourishing wild flowers and botanical oils to refresh and renew your skin.

60 mins  £50

Vita Skin Luxury Spa Fac​ial

this is a prescriptive facial that will help to maintain your skin's health. All the steps and products are chosen for your specific skincare concerns.

Deep cleanse, exfoliation mask/peel, steam and extraction if serum boost, face neck upper shoulder massage for skin type, rebalancing mask, hot towel, tone and protection

60 minutes £50

Arctic berry peel and peptide illuminating facial

This innovative professional 7 step peel fac​ial treats signs of ageing and hyper pigmentation, while calming inflammation. this facial targets hyper pigmentation as well as sensitive rosacea and acne prone skin . the powerful combination of enzymatic and manual exfoliation breaks down and removes dead cells and refines the skin texture this is then activated with the advanced peel which is applied in layers to reveal clearer smoother more luminous skin diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and improving the elasticity and skin tone for a bright glowing younger looking appearance

this facial can be delivered fortnightly for a more intensive effect.



 Inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku 'Forest Bathing'. The 10 steps in this luxury facial blends premium organic ingredients sourced from nature to bring the healing properties of the forest directly to the skin. A blend of 3 of nature's most potent ingredients working in harmony to soothe , detoxify and repair giving a pure glowing complexion: Snow Mushroom- a super humectant pulls moisture back into the skin enhancing elasticity and collagen production, it holds 500 times its weight in water. Birch Water-this is known as nature's detoxifier this powerhouse sap calms and purifies, infusing nutrients and hydration to restore the skins natural balance.  Reishi Mushroom- this healing mushroom boosts cell regeneration naturally reducing inflammation and promotes water retention to protect the skin's barrier function.


" Non Surgical Facelift" This intensive treatment deep cleanses, balances lymph flow, and re educates the facial muscles to firm skin and soothes wrinkles, stimulating regeneration in all layers of the skin.  This advanced electrotherapy treatment is available as a one off treatment  or as a course of treatment for long term results

75 minutes £55


Diamond peel microdermabrasion, will brighten smooth and stimulate regeneration of the skin to reduce the signs of ageing. excellent treatment for post acne scarring, sun damage, dull and thickened skins 

* sun protection is required after this facial. recommended as a one off treatment or as a course of treatment for more intensive  results.

40 minutes £40.00


This treatment is the ultimate  lifting and regenerating facial a combination of light therapy and micro current stimulates and heals the skin at a cellular level 

75 minutes £60 

Skin Regenerating Facial

the skin regenerator utilises a patented non aggressive method of ultrasound micro dermabrasion to gently and thoroughly exfoliate the face. there are 4 phase to this facial; peeling, intensive hydration, deep micro massage to stimulate particularly recommended for lines wrinkles ,loss of tone or firmness the 4th tase is for healing and skin regeneration with a germicidal action recommended for acne sun damage scar tissue stretch marks and hyperpigmentation

30 minutes £30 



This luxurious body treatment will brighten smooth and hydrate your skin. the horse chestnut and caffeine active ingredient in the body mask will stimulate the circulation reduce water retention and boost the overall rejuvenation of the skin. This is complimented by the stone crop contouring body creme with a blend of caffeine and clinically proven micro algae  to visible reduce the appearance of cellulite.  A 4 stage protocol; 1.  full body exfoliation 2. restorative body wrap mask. 3. body moisturisation. 4 application of contouring cream on targeted areas.

90 minute treatment £75

2.5 hr treatment including massage  £110


This body treatment takes luxury to a new level. firstly you experience a full body exfoliation  using  coconut sugar scrub with high levels of antioxidants to deeply hydrate and refine the skin surface this is followed by the chocolate truffle body wrap which is jam packed with active ingredients designed to reduce the visible signs of ageing ,with high levels of flavonoids and vitamin c to boost collagen formation. this is continued with the coconut firming body lotion which will leave your skin looking toned and firm while providing a deep and lasting hydration.

90 minutes  £75

2 .5 hr treatment including massage £110


Let us whisk you away to far off shores with this amazing body treatment with the benefits of coconut's antioxidants to fight free radicals, mango enzymes to refine and hydrated  Monoi, Argan, and Nutmeg to improve skin density this body treatment will not to fail to impress.

this body treatment consists of a full body exfoliation with coconut sugar scrub, followed by Mango enzyme body wrap, this is completed with a  light massage / moisturisation with  Monoi age corrective body night cream.

90 minutes £75

2.5 hour treatment including massage £110



For waxing, I only use outback organics waxing products, which fuse the latest cosmetic ingredients with natural plant extracts from the coastlines, forests and bushland of Australia . The entire range are free from synthetic colourings & fragrances, parabens, SLS, SLES, lanolin, mineral oils and other harsh chemicals

Half leg wax £15.00

Full leg wax £25

Full leg & bikini £30

Basic Bikini wax £15

Brazilian and intimate waxing  up to £40.00

Underarm wax £15.00

Forearm Wax £15

Chest wax, up to £40

Back Wax, up to £40


Electrolysis has been available for over 130 years and is still the only recognised 100% permanent method of hair removal. Unlike other systems electrolysis can treatable skin types hair colour and textures. The apilus advanced technology delivers more effective and more comfortable treatments as well as more rapid permanent results than any other hair removal system. Due to covid restrictions I can not work on the lip and chin area. I can work on any other area e.g hairline, underarms, legs, arms, fingers, toes, bikini line, 

Initial treatment, consultation & plan  £20.00

15 minutes £20

30 minutes £30

45 minutes £45

60 minutes £50 

advanced electrolysis

skin tag removal (max. 15 mins) £25.00

Surface thread view removal (max 15 mins.) £25.00 



Eyelash tint*; semi permanent colour £10 (add on Treatment)

Eyelash Lift/Perm*; lifts and softly curls the lashes, lasts for up to 6 weeks £30

Eyebrow Tint*; semipermanent colour  £10 (add on treatment)

Eyebrow tidy; general tidy, tweeze or wax £7.00 (add on Treatment)

Eyebrow reshape; combination of waxing trimming and tweezing to enhance the eye area  £10 (add on Treatment)

Hybrows* this 7 step treatment gives the brows a highly defined look, including waxing threading, eyebrow tinting , make up £25.00

Henna Brows*;  Henna gives a fuller look, great for covering grey, it can last from 5 - 8 weeks comes in a wide range of colours to enhance the hair colour from blonde, golden, auburn brown and black £40.00

Brow Lamination: Brow lamination involves a process that straightens and lifts the hairs to keep them in the desired shape can be dramatic or subtle depending on the clients wishes £40

Ultimate Eye treatment* ; hybrow treatment, eyelash tinted lift to open and enhance the eye area £50.00


Manual tan application: full body exfoliation, moisturisation of dry areas e.g. knuckles, knees, elbows, and feet. Cream, lotion or mouse application, Buff if required. A manual tan can last up to 10 days

45 minutes £35

Spray tan Application; it is important that you exfoliate and your skin is free from any product for an even application. Full body spray including face, moisturisation of dry areas. a spray tan can last up to 5 days

 20 minutes £20

Please wear comfortable loose fitting dark clothes as self Tan has a guide colour . Tight fitting clothing may cause the self tan to develop unevenly.


I ha​ve been carrying out hand, foot and nail treatments for over 35 years and received my first distinction when I was 16. I taught all aspects for over 13 years. Over the years I have researched the products, ingredients and techniques to find the most effective and aesthetic. for natural nail care I use OPI and Sparitual which is vegan product range. for Gel colour I use OPI gelcolor and  NSI Simplicite powder dip colour. The powder dip is an acrylic based soak off colour. it lasts like gel although it has a harder finish. its trending just now in the UK. 

File& Polish for Fingers OR Toes £20

Manicure; Incl. cuticles and massage  £30

Luxury Manicure Incl. Exfoliation & Mask £45.00

Pedicure; Incl. cuticles, hard skin and massage £40

Luxury Pedicure; Incl. Exfoliation & Mask £50

OPI Gelcolor: incl. file & cuticle work £30

Simplicite powder dip system £30.00

Powder dip OR gelcolor add on; nail lacquer stage is replaces with gel or powder dip £10.00



Hypnosis is a state of mind connected to deep relaxation as in daydreaming. when your mind is in this state. it has focused attention and increased suggestibility, but your mind can only accept what is right for you. it has been described as the conscious state when you can act intuitively instead of intellectually. Clinical hypnotherapy can help with various challenges that life throws at us and has been used successfully in a number of areas.. A treatment plan of a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended unless otherwise stated

weight control:

£70.00 per hour -90 minutes

Pain control:

£70.00 per hour- 90 minutes


£70.00 per hour - 90 minutes


£70.00 per hour-90 minutes

assertiveness training

£70.00 per hour - 90 minutes

stop smoking: This is an intensive one off treatment 2hours


stress management and confidence building

£70.00 per hour -90 minutes

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Wonderful treatment as always Emma

highly recommend 

She is great

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D. Galvin - Glasgow

Thank you for the lovely Aromatherapy massage today at TirNaNog. I feel like I can breathe again now my back doesn't feel so tight

E. Morris - Balfron